Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Navigating Personal & Global Frontiers of Technology

This newsblog combines sources from some notable explorers in the new world of technology. More than 500 years since Columbus discovered a new world, these new navigators explore new terrain through discovering and creating new ideas.

Explorers have been mapping new territories to connect the world. For centuries humanity has used runners, pigeons, smoke signals, drumming, and other devices to connect and communicate. In 1835, a professor at NYU named Samuel Morse established that signals could be transmitted by wire. The telegraph knifed its way across the wilderness, connecting the dots of cities across the world. Marconi began experimenting with wireless technology in 1894, building on the experiments of Hertz. He opened the first radio factory in 1898, and in 1901 signals were broadcast across the Atlantic. In 1922 radio broadcasting began in earnest.

The Internet succeeded in wiring the world in the last decade of the twentieth century, and now in the first decade of the new century, this connectivity has been extended through wireless technology at global and personal levels. Each explorer forms a unique center, a special frame of reference that provides a context for the navigation of global and personal cultures.


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