Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tech Musicing Skirting New Tech Ed Frontiers

This newsblog represents the explorations, work, and thinking of a small group of musicians who have an interest in how technology has been transforming their field. In the past decade, technology has changed how music is recorded, listened to, and distributed. It also has had a profound affect on the making of music in terms of new sounds, new instruments, and new ways of notating, processing, and performing.

There is a strong sense that the Internet is providing an avenue for creating musical meaning and understanding that must affect the teaching and learning of music. Doing and Creating seem to emerging as a process of creating personal knowledge in the domain of Education, and our newsblog attempts to keep an eye and ear on the dialectic process in progress among educators, while scouring the Internet for information and strategies that replace traditional models of music teaching/learning.

Most music education technology continues to be obssessed with the delivery of information, in which the keepers of the music canon serve as the oracle of knowledge and truth for the domain of music, especially music education technology, which continues to linger and languish among the ruins of CAI and Web-Based Training.


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