Wednesday, April 12, 2006

New Media and Internet2

Internet2 has been around for a long time. It has been a network for broadband activities, ranging from conferencing, distance education, distance collaboration, research, cultural archiving, and artistic production, to name a few.

I2 is now becoming part of Web 2.0 as it is becoming generally more available. Possibilities include simultaneous streaming among locations of multiple video and audio channels. But it is I2's inherent collaborative qualities that qualifies it for consideration as a creative tool for Ed Tech 2.0.

These applications add to the new media such as podcasts, vodcasts, and wikis, changing the dynamics of the video conference into a more organic exchange of movement, text, sound, images, movies, and live performance. Some have suggested that I2 is a new multimedia medium, and that we have yet to fully discover its idiosyncratic characteristics. The overlapping and eradication of boundaries through I2 collaborations offer unique opportunities to explore and develop expressive modes in a new context.


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