Monday, July 10, 2006


Musicing as a term has been popularized by the scholar David Elliott, and basically is a dynamic word to indicate actively making music or the activity of music making. Webmusicing brings this activity to the digital domain with the understanding that learning is the result of creating personal meaning through active engagement of making music. Webmusicing is the digital platform for creating and making music. In such intense and meaningful activity, we learn. Learning is created as the interaction of the musicer with expressive materials of music. Learning is a lifelong process, as we deepen our perception through our musicing.

This newsblog looks for new instances of webmusicing to serve as a catalyst for our musicing. We will discover this process as we engage others who are pursuing music making as a human activity that discloses who we are becoming in this process of creating new music in the moment.

Learning and creating are irrevocably entwined. Technology adds a new link between these processes, and the writings on the Internet of those who are seeking to reveal more about process also inspire those who are looking for such revelations to propel them to new levels of awareness and understanding.


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