Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Stumbling Upon StumbleUpon.Com

Web 2.0 offers new opportunities for discoverability. One of the more delightful and exciting features of the new spirit of the web is to exploit our intuitive curiosity. Video games have long used a concept of discovery through probing, so that as the player moves through the game they click on various objects which may or may not open to reveal new clues and content.

This concept has passed into web design so that webpages take on a level of ambiguity where the visitor can discover the website by probing provocative objects that may lead to central features of the website or curious side trips and diversions.

Building upon this idea, a new website has emerged known as StumbleUpon which keeps track of your likes and dislikes as you discover the byways and highways of the Internet. Serendipity can be a powerful non-strategy for exploring the new, ever emerging universe of Internet 2.0.


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